About Polina

Meet Polina Revs, the visionary Founder & President behind Shop Polina, a renowned jewelry brand bearing her name. From a young age, Polina's dual passions for business and jewelry have been the driving force behind her entrepreneurial journey. Originating in Long Island, New York, her brand has transcended borders to establish a global presence. With an unyielding dedication to perfection, Polina stands as a stalwart leader in the jewelry realm. Renowned for her expertise in design, manufacturing, and marketing, she has earned a distinguished reputation for delivering exquisite quality. At the helm of her company, Polina meticulously oversees every aspect of operations, from sourcing the finest materials to nurturing a team of skilled professionals who breathe life into her creations. Under Polina's astute guidance, her company has witnessed remarkable expansion and acclaim. Yet, amidst the triumph, she remains deeply engrossed in the creative process, investing countless hours in crafting new designs and perfecting existing ones. Polina's enduring commitment to excellence ensures that her brand will continue to shape the landscape of luxury jewelry for years to come. Beyond her business acumen, Polina's dedication serves as an inspiration to fellow designers and entrepreneurs within and beyond the jewelry industry, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of creativity and innovation.